Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs a Commercial Driver's License?

A CDL is required if you drive a vehicle that:

  1. Has a gross weight over 10,000 pounds;
  2. Transports more than eight (8) passengers for hire;
  3. Transports more than 15 passengers and not for hire;
  4. Transports hazardous material in a quantity requiring a placard.

Who Can perform a DOT physical exam to determine fitness for duty?

Only doctors and certain other licensed healthcare professionals can certify a driver as being physically qualified for a CDL.

After May 21, 2014 only those professionals that have taken a DOT-prescribed training course and have passed the comprehensive NRCME certification exam will be recognized as valid certified medical examiners for CDLs.

Dr. Robert Apuzzio was certified on Auguest 30, 2013 to perform the DOT phsical exam, as well as alcohol and drug screenings.

Your place or mine?

If your company has four or more drivers that need a DOT exam, Dr. Apuzzio can come to your location. Ask for details.

How long does my CDL remain valid?

If you have no health issues, as defined and specified by DOT 49CFR319, then your Medical Examiner's Certificate will be valid for two (2) years. If you have one or more health issues, then you may be required to have a medical exam more frequently (once or twice a year).

When you appear for your DOT exam, you should have information concerning:

  • The names and addresses of any health care providers you are seeing or have seen for any conditions that may have an effect on your driving abilities;
  • Names and dosages of any medications you are currently taking, and the prescribing doctor;
  • An accurate account of your health history.
  • A current valid state-issued photo ID

Only your medical fitness for duty, as described by DOT Rules and Regulations, will be determined during your exam. You will not be diagnosed nor treated for any health condition. However, Dr. Apuzzio will advise you of any findings that are detected during your exam.

Are there any conditions that will disqualify me for a CDL?

The DOT/FMCSA currently has four (4) non-discretionary categories that can disqualify a person from being certified for a CDL:

  1. Vision (with or without corrective lenses) must meet minimum standards (20/40);
  2. Hearing (with or without hearing aid(s)) must meet minimum standards;
  3. Blood pressure must be within a specified range;
  4. Diabetics taking insulin are not qualified unless they have obtained a waiver.

Is the DOT CDL urinalysis the same as a drug screening?

No. The urinalysis performed during the DOT physical is not testing for drugs, unless it is a pre-employment physical requested by the employer.

The DOT physical exam urinalysis tests for the following substances in urine:

  • Glucose (sugar)
  • Blood
  • Protein
  • Specific Gravity